A Short Tribute

A Short Tribute

Hacham Nissim Abraham Ashkenazi was born to Rachel and Raphael in Izmir, Turkey. He learned Torah from his father and from the sages of Izmir of his time.

Hacham Nissim Abraham Ashkenazi married Rachel Sharuta. Despite her 18 pregnancies, none of their children survived past early childhood.

Hacham Nissim Abraham Ashkenazi officiated as dayan in the Izmir rabbinic court alongside Hacham Haim Palagi. His home was a meeting place for scholars and his door open to the city's needy residents.

Hacham Nissim Abraham Ashkenazi passed away on 15 Elul 5620 (1860). He was a prolific writer, and while only some of his work was published during his lifetime, his brother's children had several of his books printed. Among his books one counts Nechmad LeMar'eh – a commentary on the Jerusalem Talmud, Ma'aseh Abraham – responsa on the four parts of the Shulchan 'Aruch, Darash Abraham – sermons and commentary on the Torah, Na'eh Doresh – a collection of sermons, and Na'eh LeHodot – a commentary on the Book of Psalms.

Redemption of Israel
A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Redemption of Israel'
in which he explains that the Holy One, blessed be He, builds Jerusalem each and every day
"The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem; He will gather in the exiles of Israel." One must ask why it says "rebuilds" using the present tense, and not "will rebuild Jerusalem" as it does in saying "will gather in the exiles of Israel"… It says "rebuilds Jerusalem" for God builds Jerusalem each and every day by having the ministering angels busy in its rebuilding, as it says, and this is an great teaching, for He will gather in the exiles of Israel and we have not been forgotten by God.
Na'eh LeHodot, 422, published by Moshe Eisencott, Bnei Brak, 2006