A Short Tribute

A Short Tribute

Hacham Daniel Hacohen Nahar was born to Miriam and Joshua Abraham in 1804 in Izmir, Turkey. He studied Torah with Hacham Rakhamim Arieh Arayesh, who would later become his father-in-law, and with Hacham Raphael Pincas de Sigora, known as the PARDE"S.

At the age of 25, after engaging in Torah study, he began to work in commerce and supported his parents, because of his father's illness. He continued his Torah study despite his work in commerce; he paid to have a Torah scroll written for him and supported the publication of several manuscripts on religious matters.

He wanted to immigrate to Israel his entire life and was only able to fulfill his wish at the age of seventy. He settled in Safed, where he officiated as a rabbi and preacher. He returned to Izmir after four years for unknown reasons.

Hacham Daniel Hacohen Nahar passed away on 27 Iyar, 5641 (1881) in Izmir at the age of 77. On the day of his demise he was still lucid; he gathered his family around him to bless them. Afterwards he began to recite the Aleinu L'Shabe'akh prayer, and then died.

Hacham Daniel Hacohen Nahar authored several works which were consumed in the Great Fire of 1841 in Izmir. Yad Nahar, his only remaining book of which we know, was published in 1884 by the Abraham Pontrimoli Press, thanks to his son's efforts. The book contains 14 sermons prepared for different occasions. His will, which contains various articles on ethics and faith, was found among the shrouds he had prepared for himself in advance and appears in the book's first pages.


Redemption of Israel
A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Redemption of Israel'
in which he teaches the mystery of the order of the Redemption, during which the light will not fully shine immediately after the darkness

"Who is she that shines through like the dawn, Beautiful as the moon, Radiant as the sun Awesome as bannered hosts?" According to what is written in the holy Zohar, there is more to know about the mystery and order of the Redemption. In the Redemption of the future, light will not immediately shine everywhere out of the darkness. This is similar to the case of a person sitting in the darkness who would lose their sight and be blinded by looking at the sun. The thin light of dawn will be first, followed by light similar to that of the moon - which is slightly brighter than the light of dawn, followed by light such as that of the sun, which is brighter than the moon. This is what is meant by "Who is she that shines through like the dawn, Beautiful as the moon, Radiant as the sun". Then will He raise us and our banner – "Awesome as bannered hosts". This is indicated in the verse "a table for me in full view of my enemies" – that the light of our Redemption will grow and rise up high, as indicated by the word shulchan (table) the (Hebrew) initials of dawn, moon, sun, banners.

Yad Nahar, Sermon 9 – A Eulogy, p. 80a, Abraham Pontrimoli Press, Izmir, 1884