Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin

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A Short Tribute

Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin was born to Yocheved and Hacham Yitzhak Haim Hacohen Rabin in the city of Bukhara, 1891.

Hacham Nissim Hacohen's grandfather was Hacham Pinchas Hacohen, Chief Rabbi of Bukhara and named the Great Pinchas. He was succeeded by Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin's father, who died when his son was only six years old. In 1905, after reaching Bar Mitzvah age, Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin immigrated to Israel with his mother and brother, where they settled in Jerusalem.

In 1909 he married Rachel, the daughter of the Rishon LeZion, Hacham Nachman Batitto. The couple had two daughters.

When Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin returned to his birthplace, Bukhara, in 1914, during World War I, he lost all connection to his family because of deficient postal service. During that period, he suffered several consecutive personal tragedies. His wife and his mother, who had both remained in Jerusalem, passed away within a few months of each other. Two years later, while he was still in Bukhara, he was informed that his two brothers had been executed by the authorities as informants.

Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin left Bukhara in 1927 for South America to engage in commerce. In 1932, he began his journey back to the Land of Israel. He stopped in Beirut on the way, where he married Simcha, and they had a son and a daughter. They lost their soldier son Uriel in 1957, during the Sinai War. Hacham Nissim Hacohen Rabin passed away on Adar 23, 5738 (1978).

He authored Likutei Nissim, a collection of sermons and Torah innovations, and dedicated the book to his son, the deceased soldier.

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