Hacham Ma'atuq Cohen ('Atoji)

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A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Redemption of Israel'
in which he cautions those who live outside the Land of Israel to fulfill the commandments so that they benefit from redemption

The Land of Israel is so renowned for its holy attributes and for the value of living there that our sages, of blessed memory, said that those who live outside the Land are living as though they haven't a God, heaven forbid. The heart and eyes of every Israelite must always be turned towards there... and one should make every effort to reside in the Land of Israel. Unfortunately, it is very difficult in our times for people to move to the Land of Israel and requires large sums of money, in addition to the mighty effort involved. Our sages have said that every mitzvah that a person thinks about and seeks the opportunity to fulfill is counted as though it was actually fulfilled. For the good Lord, out of His great compassion, joins good intentions to deeds. Certainly anyone who truly, wholeheartedly, looks forward to any mitzvah in hope of the time it may be fulfilled, must be very cautious that their deeds and words do not prove to contradict their thoughts…They should take care to fulfill all mitzvoth that hasten the redemption, such as Torah study during any available free time… or the mitzvah of charity, which hastens redemption…and distance themselves as much as possible from all transgression and lowly attributes that caused the destruction of our City… such as the sin of slander…and the sin of gratuitous hatred.

Yekar 'Erech, p.1, Zohar HaTzedakah Company Printing, Djerba, 1940
לדף חכם