Hacham Shalom Daniel Yehuda Cohen

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A Short Tribute

Hacham Shalom Daniel Yehuda Cohen, son of Hacham Moshe Cohen, was born during the month of Iyar in 5595 (1835) on the island of Djerba, Tunisia. He studied Torah with the illustrious Hacham Khalifa 'Idan and, as an adult, became a successful entrepreneur. Hacham Shalom Daniel Yehuda Cohen was one of his city's leading townsmen, providing charity for many needy people, and was reknowned for his support of Torah scholars. He undertook the regular and complete sustenance of two of the Jewish people's great scholars, Hacham David Hacohen and Hacham Yaakov Hacohen. With time, however, his luck turned; he abandoned his commerce, choosing a life of Torah study in poverty.

In 1891 Hacham Shalom Daniel Cohen moved to the city of Zarzis, Tunisia, where he officiated as the city's rabbi, ruling Halakha and preaching Torah. He was respected by Tunisia's Muslim population as well, who would visit him to receive his blessings.

In 1921, Hacham Shalom Daniel Yehuda Cohen immigrated to the Land of Israel, settling in Tiberias. He passed away on Hol HaMo'ed Sukkoth, on the 18th of Tishrei 5686 (1925). Word of his passing reached the island of Djerba after the festival's end, where he was mourned by a large assembly.

Hacham Shalom Daniel Yehuda Cohen authored the following books: Nehar Shalom – on the Torah, Divrei Shaul – on the Torah, which he wrote jointly with his grandfather, Hafetz Yakar – on the mitzvoth, Haim VeShalom – on personal attributes, and Sha'arei Shalom – on the senses.

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