Hacham Yihya Omassi

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A Short Tribute

Mori Yihya Omassi, also known as Yabia, was born to Naomi and Yihya in Rada, Yemen, in 1895. He studied as a child, and at the age of ten began helping his father at work. Mori Yihya Omassi married two women, Simcha - with whom he had three children, Shalom, Yael and Yona, and Sa’ada - with whom he had a son they named Tzaddok.

Mori Yihya Omassi officiated as rabbi in Rada and was one of the Jewish community's charity fund directors. During the Eagle Wings immigration campaign to Israel, he remained in Rada to help fleeing Jews leave Yemen. He later moved to Aden, where he officiated as rabbi, shochet, and mohel.

Mori Yihya Omassi eventually reached Israel and settled in the Shaar HaAliyah immigrant camp. He moved from there to Rishon LeZion where, because of the housing shortage, he lived in a barn that had been refurbished for human habitation. Although he was accepted by the community in Rishon LeZion, he did not have any official position.

Mori Yihya Omassi passed away on 25 Shevat 5746 (1986) and was buried in Rishon LeZion. The articles and documents he wrote were collated with his biography by Shlomo Amiahud and published in a book entitled Peulot Tzaddik. His commentary on Torah, Mishna and other texts appear in Mashiv HaRuach, with his Responsa.

לדף חכם