Hacham Yihya Kapach

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A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Redemption of Israel'
in which he teaches the mitzvah of reviving the Hebrew language: Teach them - to speak of them

Intelligent people will take note, and those in fear and awe of God's word can rejoice in the nation of Israel's situation. See how each and every one of the Nations adore their language and glorify the tongue in which they have been raised, the language in which their beliefs and religion have been defined. We, the nation of Israel, had abandoned our Holy Tongue since the time of our exile - the language spoken by Adam, and in which our holy Torah was given by the revelation of LORD on Mount Sinai, when He said to His People: "I am the LORD your God". We had not fulfilled what we were commanded, to "…teach them to your children, to speak of them". We had not responded to the public appeal issued by Eliezer Ben Yehuda in journals, who called to revive the holy Hebrew language; the yearning in our souls remained limited to mere words and discussions, and did not materialize until the year 1910, when our exalted government agreed to open a school for Jewish children. The children now learn Bible, the Onkelos translation and Rabbi Sa'adia Gaon, Maimonides' Mishna, grammar and vocabulary. This is all being accomplished just as it should be - the study of Torah, Prophets and Writings, with a clear commentary, and a book of grammar for the Holy Tongue!

Milhamot Hashem, Introduction, P. Anav Publishing, Jerusalem, 1931
לדף חכם