Hacham Moshe David Walli

A Short Tribute

Hacham Moshe David Walli, known as HaRaMa"D, son of Shmuel, was born in approximately 1697 in Padua, Italy.

He learned Torah from the sages of Padua. In 1726 he was ordained to the rabbinate, as was his friend and colleague, Hacham Moshe Haim Luzzato who become known as HaRaMHa"L. Hacham Moshe David Walli studied medicine at the Padua University and worked as a physician. He learned the wisdom of the Kabbala and for a certain period led HaRaMHa"L's group of kabbalists.

Hacham Moshe David Walli passed away on 7 Tevet, 5537 (1777) and was buried in Padua. He authored Beiur HaRaMa"d Walli, a commentary on the entire Bible; his Sepher Haliqutim covers on several different topics, including medicine. His writings also include a journal of his visions and a theological debate with Christians.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Love of Israel' in which he teaches that "He who fashions the hearts of them all" leads them all to the common good

"A person should always be patient like Hillel and not stringent like Shammai." Does this not depend on what a person is like? If the person is from the merciful source then the person will be patient like Hillel, or is from the valiant source and will be like Shammai. The answer on this matter is that, in truth, a person is responsible for leaning towards mercy when the person is from a valiant source, having been granted the ability to overcome his (or her) nature and direct it. The negative side in the valiant person can be remedied by dealing in a mitzvah or something that does not harm the person or others, as they, of blessed memory said: either a butcher or a circumciser or a blood-letter…

Sepher HaLiqutim, Part B, Explanations of HaZa"L sayings and Zohar, p. 693, Joseph Spinger Publishing, Jerusalem, 1997