Hacham Abraham Coriat

A Short Tribute

Hacham Abraham Coriat, son of Hacham Yehudah Coriat, was born in Tetuan, Morocco. In 1787, some three years prior to the riots that took place in Tetuan, Hacham Abraham Coriat left for the city of Mogador (today Essaouira) to serve as Moreh Tzedek (halakhic adjudicator). He later continued his travels, residing in Gibraltar and Livorno for a time.

Hacham Abraham Coriat passed away on 11 Heshvan, 5566 (1806). He authored Brit Avot, a book of sermons, Responsa and halakhic amendments.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Tzedakah and Healing' in which he teaches that it is permissible to fulfill commandments with the intention of receiving a reward

It is permissible to fulfill a commandment that partially involves Heaven and partially involves people with the intention of receiving a reward. This is what is meant in Scripture by "to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is just and right", which contains two parts: One concerns people – what is just (charity), that benefits people, and what is right – to instill peace between man and his brethren, and to rescue the oppressed from their oppressors… The text says, "Justice, justice shall you pursue, that you may thrive" about which our Sages, of blessed memory, said and as I understand its literal meaning: "Justice, justice" – one for judgement and one for compromise"; it is permitted to act in order to obtain receive a reward, which is why it says: "...pursue, that you may thrive".

Brit Avot – Sermons, Responsa and Amendments, Vayera weekly Torah Reading, p.7a, Eliyahu Ben Amozegh & Friends Publishing, 1862