Hacham Kalfa Guedj

A Short Tribute

Hacham Kalfa Guedj, son of Hacham Eliyahu, was born circa 1837 in Algiers. He was an accomplished Torah scholar, proficient in both its hidden and revealed aspects. He officiated as a rabbi in Constantine, Algeria and eventually immigrated to the Land of Israel, where he settled in Jerusalem.

Hacham Kalfa Guedj passed away on 30 Tishrei, 5676 (1915). He authored the following books: KeGan HaYerek – a commentary on the Zohar KeGan Raveh – a commentary on Maimonides from the perspective of HAAR"I's thought, KeGan 'Adanim – a collection of responsa, and commentary on the Talmud. His books KeGan Ratov and Ma'ayan Ganim have thus far remained in manuscript form.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Redemption of Israel' in which he teaches that redemption is the outcome of the attribute of Justice, which is transformed from Judgement to Pity to become Charity.

And He will bring them back to their land in the last redemption, which will be speedily in our days, Amen, in full might and eternal strength, after the torment and the revenge, and will lead us to repentance and good deeds, as it says, "All the ends of days (that were calculated) passed, and the matter depends only upon repentance and good deeds". And then Justice approaches Judgement once again, Justice becomes balanced and privileged by Judgement, and Judgement becomes Charity (צדק – צדקה) with the addition of the letter 'heh'. Plentitude descends with great compassion, the city and its inhabitants will be redeemed; Zion is to be redeemed by judgement. Captives – the value of their liberation is higher than the attribute of Charity by several degrees – are redeemed by the power of the attribute of Justice, which will be transformed from Judgement to Compassion, and become Charity, great compassion, as in the mystical sense of "I shall gather them with great compassion", with a chivalrous heart and with great power for Israel.

KeGan Raveh, p.141, 0/94b, Bnei Issachar Institute, Jerusalem, 1992