Hacham Boaz Haddad

A Short Tribute

Hacham Boaz Haddad was born to Vachia and Hacham Daani Haddad (son of Hannina) in 1900 on the island of Djerba.

He was among the leaders of the Jewish community and headed its committee for anonymous charity. He is counted as one of the group of four who studied the Zohar and wrote a commentary named Zohar HaRakiya, and founded the Beit HaOtsar HaIvri publishing house.

Hacham Boaz Haddad passed away on 26 Tishrei, 1998. His writing include VaYomer Boaz, in three parts, Jewish Djerba, Lakut Zichronot, and Hachmei Israel Be'Djerba ve'Tunis [The Jewish Sages of Djerba and Tunis].

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Traditions of the Fathers' , in which he teaches that respecting and kissing the Torah is one of the commandments of Torah study
Included in the commandment to study Torah is also the respect of the Torah; kissing the book one has studied from after completing one's studying, not putting it on the ground and the like. This was how my holy teacher and master, my father, would act, may I atone for his passing. He would kiss a book when he opened it to study, and after closing it at the end of his studying. He greatly cherished books, as our Sages, of blessed memory, say in Ethics of Our Fathers, "Anyone who honors the Torah – his body will be honored by the people". This includes honoring Torah scholars, fearing them and heeding their words; this was how my teacher and master, my father, would act, may I atone for his passing, by granting Torah scholars immense respect.
From Shem Yosef, sermon, p. 32a, 'Idan-Cohen-Tzabban-Haddad Printing, Djerba, 1950