Hacham Yaakov Elmaliach

A Short Tribute

Hacham Yaakov Elmaliach was born to Mazal Tov and Hacham Shmuel in Aram Tsova (Aleppo), Syria, in 1881.

Hacham Yaakov Elmaliach was Hacham Ezra (Kabaz) Hamaoui's student and married his daughter, Jamilla. The couple had two sons and a daughter: Hacham Yitzhak Mordecai of the Magen David yeshiva, Moshe, and Zachia.

Hacham Yaakov Elmaliach immigrated to the United States where he dealt in commerce, served as shochet, and was a leader of the Halabi (Syrian) Jewish community. He was deeply involved in religious matters and was often approached with questions on halachic issues; he did his best to provide answers and helped many on their religious journeys. A pillar of his community, he was known for his righteous ways.

Hacham Yaakov Elmaliach passed away on 14 Elul, 5721 (1961) in New York. He is the author of Va'Issa Yaakov, a book of sermons and responsa.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Torah Study' in which he teaches not to withhold one's interpretations and commentary but to share them for the public's benefit
"If you have learned a lot of Torah, do not credit it favorably for yourself", meaning: Through rigorous and deep Torah study, you have reached original interpretations; do not keep the original commentary for yourself, but "let your fountains flow forth" and share it for the public benefit.
Va'Issa Yaakov, p. 10, Jerusalem, 1956