Hacham Haim Maimaran

A Short Tribute

Hacham Haim Maimaran, son of Hacham Moshe, was born in 1766 in Meknes, Morocco. His mother was the daughter of Hacham Yaakov Toledano (known as the HaMaHRI"T). His father, Hacham Moshe, was a famous rabbi in Meknes.

Hacham Haim Maimaran passed away on 5 Tishrei, 5546 (1785) at the age of twenty. His book, Hafetz Haim, written on the commentaries by RASHI and RE'EM on the Torah, is also referred to as Pri Etz Haim in some of the copies of his manuscripts. Additional writings of his, principally original commentaries of the Talmud, remain in manuscript form.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Redemption of Israel' in which he teaches that things were kept hidden from Abram so that his heart would yearn and would revere the commandment

The LORD said to Abram, "Go forth from your native land and from your father's house to the land that I will show you". Why didn't He reveal the land immediately and said (only) "…I will show you" to Abram? So that the Land of Israel would be revered in his eyes, for by things remaining hidden, his heart would yearn and desire to know about the Land, and so that the commandment would be endeared to him.

Hafetz Haim, Book of Genesis, Lech-Lecha weekly reading portion, p 14a, Pinhas and Yitzhak Bros. Publishing, Meknes, 1942