Hacham Aaron Ma'ali Hacohen Tawil

A Short Tribute

Hacham Aaron Ma'ali Hacohen Tawil, son of Hacham Eliyahu, was born in Aram Tsova [Aleppo], Syria.

He immigrated to the Land of Israel and settled in Jerusalem, where he became known as a sages who dealt in Kabbala.


Hacham Aaron Ma'ali Hacohen Tawil passed away on 26 Sivan 5676 (1916) and was buried in Jerusalem.


His only published work is Issachar Ve'Zevulun.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Customs of Israel' in which he teaches "You give it openhandedly" as the way a shadow does as the person does
[Our Sages] explained the verse "The LORD is your guardian, the LORD is your shade [protection] at your right hand", which presents a double difficulty. Since it says "The LORD is your guardian" why does it repeat "the LORD is your shade"? This teaches us that the Almighty is like a shadow. A shadow does what the person does; should a person close their hand, the shadow will close its hand, and should the person open their hand, so will the shadow open its hand. So it is with the Almighty, Who does as a person does. If one opens one's hand, the Holy One, blessed be He, opens His hand, and bestows unlimited blessings.
Issachar Ve'Zevulun, The Attribute of Charity and Torah Toil, p. 37, Ahavat Shalom Publishing, Modi'in Illit, 2008