Hacham Nissim Haim Moshe Modai

A Short Tribute

Hacham Nissim Haim Moshe Modai was born in Izmir, Turkey. Learned in Torah and in the rulings by sages of ancient times, he presided over Izmir's rabbinic court.

Hacham Nissim Haim Moshe Modai passed away on 26 Iyar, 5651 (1891). He authored the following books: Drisha M'Haim – sermons on various topics, and Meimar Haim – Responsa, printed in Hacham Haim Modai's book, Haim L'Olam.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Traditions of the Fathers' in which he teaches to do the compassionate deed of gathering and publishing the Torah learning of our parents
After the decease of his master and teacher, his father, may he rest in peace, whose writings were consumed by fire, he determinedly toiled with his own ten fingers to publish a book of his oral Torah learning, sweet as a honeycomb, from what was inscribed in his memory. This is no trifling matter, for after the book had been entirely lost, he had it returned to us. He will certainly be fully rewarded by the God of Israel with a long life, until he reaches the world of perfection, for having fulfilled the commandment of honoring one's father and mother – honoring him while he was alive and honoring him after his decease, true honor. If on the matter of all other people they said that a compassionate act done towards the deceased is a true act of compassion, this is all the more the case when one acts compassionately towards one's parents; printing their Torah learning surely merits a doubled and redoubled reward.
Drisha M'Haim, p. 178b, Haim Abraham De Sigora Press, Izmir 1888