Hacham Yaacov Sukari

A Short Tribute

Hacham Yaacov Sukari, was born to Sarah, Hacham Yaacov Entebbe's daughter, and Hacham Shlomo in the city of Damascus.

As a young man, he studied Torah with his father and then studied in Hacham Meir Lisbona's Beit Midrash, along with Hacham Nissim Bokai and Hacham David Pinto.

Hacham Yaacov Sukari married Serach Mizrachi, and the couple had four children.

Hacham Yaacov Sukari, following his father's custom, would rise at midnight to study Torah.

After his mother died in 1875 he began to encounter financial difficulties and had to leave Damascus. He reached Egypt in 1879, where he had his book Vaykra Ya'acov printed. In 1882 he travelled to Calcutta and Bombay, where he had his book Yoru Mishpatecha Le'Ya'acov printed.

Towards the end of his life, he succeeded in immigrating to the Land of Israel.

Hacham Yaacov Sukaru passed away on 6 Shevat, 5668 (1908). He authored the following books: Vayikra Ya'acov – on the weekly Torah reading portions, Yoru Mishpatecha LeYa'acov – morals on Torah and work, and Vayehi Ya'acov – a commentary on the Book of Psalms.


A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Traditions of the Fathers' in which he gives his parents credit for their support throughout his travels
I have dwelled peacefully and quietly in my home, under the auspices of my crowning glory, my teacher, my father, the shining, illustrious and outstanding rabbi, Head of the Rabbinic Court and rabbi of the Damascus community, may his achievements protect us; my father and master Shlomo Sukari, may the LORD save and redeem him, long and bright may his memory shine! I sat in his home, within its high walls, always benefiting from his goodness and from the light of his Torah, as from a divine hand of goodness…
And I was also surrounded, my sons and I were, by my crowning glory, the great, righteous and most charitable and correct God-fearing woman, may her soul rest in peace…
What can I say? I thank the LORD above and thank my saintly parents, to whom great credit is due, upon whom I could depend anywhere I was, wherever I went. For it has been two and a half years since I left my home, and wherever I go, He is always my support, granting me favor in their eyes, and granting me their love.
Yoru Mishpatecha LeYaacov, from the Introduction, Eliyahu Moshe David Hacohen Publishing, Calcutta, 1882