Hacham Avraham Cohen

A Short Tribute

Hacham Avraham Cohen was born to Rivka, daughter of Hanina, and Hacham Yaakov Cohen, in the city of Gafsa, Tunisia, and served as rabbi of the seaport city, Sfax. Hacham Avraham Cohen immigrated to the Land of Israel and settled in Jerusalem, where he served as rabbi of the Talpiot neighborhood.

Hacham Avraham Cohen was a very humble indovodual, who lived in a one-room apartment and devoted himself entirely to his community and to Torah study.  He and his wife had three children, two sons and a daughter.

Hacham Avraham Cohen passed away on 24 Nissan, 5754 (1994). He wrote the following books: Melel LeAvraham and VaYosef Avraham, as well as a booklet, entitled Netsor Libcha.


A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Love of Israel' in which he teaches that a person who receives only God-fearing people in his home is lacking in their own fear of God

People should be generous with all guests they host and welcome them into their home, even if they are not perfectly God-fearing or have some deficiencies. Let us look at the difference between our Father Abraham, may he rest in peace, and Lot. When Abraham's guests arrived, they came in the guise of people. In the case of Lot, however, they came in their true forms, as angels, as is written in the Torah, "The two angels arrived in Sodom". The reason for this is that Abraham, of blessed memory, was not stringent about whom he hosted, and received everyone lovingly and with open arms. Lot, however, was somewhat lacking in his fear of God and had he not seen actual angels would not have hosted and honored them! Such people, who host only those of supreme sanctity, are like Lot…

Melel LeAvraham, p. 35, published by the Sephardic Library, Jerusalem 1990