Hacham Joseph Knafo

A Short Tribute

Hacham Joseph Knafo, son of Moshe, was born in 1853 in Mogador, Morocco. He lived in Marrakesh from childhood, where he learned Torah from Hacham Abraham Coriat and additional great thinkers.

Hacham Joseph Knafo married Zohara, and the couple had three children.

After years of laboring Torah study, Hacham Joseph returned to Mogador and began preaching Torah to the general public.

In 1859, he began to officiate as cantor and rabbi of the LaKahal synagogue where he would spend most of his day, devoting his time to study, writing his books, and imparting Torah.

Hacham Joseph Knafo passed away on 30 Heshvan, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5661 (1901) in Mogador, where he was buried.

A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Traditions of the Fathers' in which he teaches the commandment of honoring parents with what the Holy One, blessed be He, has endowed you, even after their deaths
"Honor your father and mother, that you may long endure on the land that the LORD your God is giving you". You must not only honor them while they are in this world but even after they have died and left this world - there lies the meaning of "the land".
This honor, to which one obligated, comes from what the Holy One has endowed you with, Torah or money, any form of endowment. For if you have been privileged with Torah, labor at it for its own heavenly sake, day in day out, forever renewing. And if you have gained wealth, use it to do good deeds, prevent downtrodden knees from buckling. This is the meaning of "the LORD God is giving you" – honor them with what the Holy One has given you.
Zach VeNaki, p. 117, Hevrat Ahavat Shalom Publishing, Jerusalem, 1987