Hacham Yehuda Elbaz
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A Short Tribute

Hacham Yehuda Elbaz, son of Moshe, was born in 1770 in Sefrou, Morocco. He began learning Torah with his father, Hacham Moshe Elbaz, and continued to study with the sages of the city of Sefrou. Hacham Yehuda Elbaz married Rivka, the daughter of Hacham Shaul Yeshua Abitbol, who was Chief Rabbi of Sefrou, and the couple had four children.

In 1801, Hacham Yehuda Elbaz was appointed dayan in Sefrou by the sages of Fes, Hacham Shaul Seriro and Hacham Raphael Even Tzur. Hacham Yehuda Elbaz was, with time, the only Halakhic adjudicator in Sefrou.

Hacham Yehuda Elbaz also served as a mohel, and was known for his wisdom and humility. He gave his share in taxes and provided loans for his community. He was famous for his great love of the Land of Israel, and welcomed the rabbinic emissaries who came to his city to raise funds for those living in the Land of Israel.

Hacham Yehuda Elbaz passed away on 15 Shevat, 5607 (1847) and was buried in Sefrou. His original commentary and writings were collated and published in the following books: Shevut Yehuda – explanations and sermons on the Bible, Shevut Yehuda – Responsa.

לדף חכם
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